Sha-Pen has been moved to table A3. I will not be there until 10.30 because of presentation. :^(

Disregard the other one, I’m making this one into a print instead.
EDIT: screwed around with the colours

this was from 2 years ago i’m so sorry

Hello, Tumblr. I will be selling a book filled with my art at Comic Fiesta 2013 for you to gaze at in awe (or not). Here are some previews (do you really need them?):
Notice how I just linked you to my sketches tag because this book is mostly filled with things you’ve already seen. But do not fret! I have included some other things that you may have not seen as well.
I have no idea how much the book costs because I haven’t sent it for printing yet so you will have to wait on that. BUT I PROMISE THAT THIS BOOK WILL BE SOLD AT CF.
It’ll probably be like RM15 or something. I can’t remember how much the average A5 booklet costs.

It’s actually RM10.

My favourite street superhero family will be getting their own shows on Netflix: Yay!
Netflix isn’t available in Malaysia: NAY
My feelings are conflicted. But if there’s one thing I know I totally support Gideon Emery as Matt Murdock.

A5 print sold at CF 2013. Don’t worry I still have a lot more.
Thanks for stopping by Sha-Pen at Comic Fiesta 2013!!! And if you bought and/or commissioned us: THANK YOU VERY MUCH SO THANKS WOW
Here’s a picture of our cosplay from Sunday! I’m Revo on the left and Maru is Naoto on the right!!! I forgot to bring my mic gomen
We still have leftovers and we will sell them online as soon as we can. I’m sorry I didn’t tell anyone about some of my stuff being sold at CF because I was really busy;;;;
THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

PERSONA Q: SHADOW OF THE LABYRINTH PRINT BY SHA-PEN AVAILABLE AT COMIC FIESTA 2013 !!will be a4 sized, available at Sha-Pen (B02)! get ‘em while you can 8)

Only 10-15 units available!! I’m selling these along with my old Roman and Moira bookmarks.