Disregard the other one, I’m making this one into a print instead.
EDIT: screwed around with the colours

this was from 2 years ago i’m so sorry

Hello, Tumblr. I will be selling a book filled with my art at Comic Fiesta 2013 for you to gaze at in awe (or not). Here are some previews (do you really need them?):
Notice how I just linked you to my sketches tag because this book is mostly filled with things you’ve already seen. But do not fret! I have included some other things that you may have not seen as well.
I have no idea how much the book costs because I haven’t sent it for printing yet so you will have to wait on that. BUT I PROMISE THAT THIS BOOK WILL BE SOLD AT CF.
It’ll probably be like RM15 or something. I can’t remember how much the average A5 booklet costs.

It’s actually RM10.

My favourite street superhero family will be getting their own shows on Netflix: Yay!
Netflix isn’t available in Malaysia: NAY
My feelings are conflicted. But if there’s one thing I know I totally support Gideon Emery as Matt Murdock.

A5 print sold at CF 2013. Don’t worry I still have a lot more.
Thanks for stopping by Sha-Pen at Comic Fiesta 2013!!! And if you bought and/or commissioned us: THANK YOU VERY MUCH SO THANKS WOW
Here’s a picture of our cosplay from Sunday! I’m Revo on the left and Maru is Naoto on the right!!! I forgot to bring my mic gomen
We still have leftovers and we will sell them online as soon as we can. I’m sorry I didn’t tell anyone about some of my stuff being sold at CF because I was really busy;;;;
THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

PERSONA Q: SHADOW OF THE LABYRINTH PRINT BY SHA-PEN AVAILABLE AT COMIC FIESTA 2013 !!will be a4 sized, available at Sha-Pen (B02)! get ‘em while you can 8)

Only 10-15 units available!! I’m selling these along with my old Roman and Moira bookmarks.
Thanks for stopping by our booth, Sha-Pen!
My TF2 prints nearly sold out AGAIN. Those were the last batch and I will not be printing them any more. I would like to appologise to those who couldn’t get it in a set.
Also, I am only left with Roxas badges (after 3 years). And thank you for those who commissioned maru and I.
We hope that we can get a booth for next year’s Comic Fiesta although 2013 will also be our SPM year.
Until then, see you at the next con!
Do come to our booth at Comic Fiesta this weekend!
We will be selling our goods on both days. We will also be available for on-the-spot commission (prices: here).
See you there!